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01.Aug.14 6 hours ago


Photographer Marcel Christ captures colorful explosions of smoke in his “Pario” series.

30.Jul.14 1 day ago


i got a yiynova msp19u+ yesterday, a pretty sweet cintiq knock off. it feels great to be drawing on the screen. even though i am still getting used to it, and reconfiguring all my brushes ect. this is the first thing i have drawn with it, finished it in one sitting! can’t even remember the last time i have done that. so i gotta rate it!


These painterly works are actually photographs, created by Mark Lovejoy who first mixes printing inks on a press before photographing the results.

22.Jul.14 1 week ago


water droplet

I’ll be travelling for a bit starting tomorrow.

See you in a week or so!

22.Jul.14 1 week ago

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